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P6.25 Video dance floor
  • P6.25 Video dance floor

P6.25 Video dance floor

P6.25 Video dance floor
Detailed description
Pixel Pitch(mm)   : 6.25

Brightness(nit)  :      800-1200
 Refresh rate (Hz): 1920/3840
Drive mode:         1/16S
Gray scale(bit): 12~14
Trillion: 1R1G1B
LED type: SMD 3535
View angle(H/V):        160~140
Protection level:       IP65/IP55
W/m2  Max power  (max/average):       800/350
(mm) Carbinet  size: 500×1000×80mm
(Kg) Carbinet weight: 25kg
Cabinet material: metal
(mm)  Module size: 250×250
Application Environment
Input ac voltage: 110-240V
Operating temperature: -20℃~50℃
Operating humidity: 10%-95%RH
Multisync : DVI , HDMI
Control distance: Super five network cable: <100m; single mode fiber; 

<10 km



Features of LED Interactive Video Dance Floor:
1. Fast and flexible installation: no direct installation or rail installation 

can be used.
2. High load-bearing performance: with a high load capacity of 1.5 tons per 

square meter.
3. Excellent maintenance performance: it can be exchanged directly without 

removing adjacent boxes
4. High contrast design: technical design mask, clear play effect
5. Excellent low brightness and high ash effect, showing the uniformity of 

gray uniformity and good consistency



Wedding,Party,Club,Concert,Nightclubs,DISCO ,Supermarket,paza,luxury 

hotel,children‘s playground etc.