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230W beam lighting
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230W beam lighting

230W beam lighting
Detailed description
Item No.: PRG-B230B

DETAIL INFONew 230w beam spot wash 3in1 moving head light

1.Unique casing design, built-in three-phase motors, compact and simple construction easy for maintain and install;

2.Advanced constantly current power suppliers,special optical lens, high strength light focusing effect, auto error correcting function.

3.The spot and ceiling size are adjustable from D1.65-3.6m and D3.0-7.2m at 10m,which will achieve the amazing effect on your stage!


Voltage: AC110-240V, 50-60HZ

Total power: 400W

Voltage protection: PFC power compensation, voltage fluctuations (± 10V) is available

Ballast: electronic ballast and AC/DC switching power supplies


Color temperature:8500K

Channel: 18 standard DMX512 channel, master-slave, auto control

Accessories: 1 user manual, 1 safety wire, 2 folding hooks, 1 signal cable of 3 meters

Functions and Features:

Strobe: double shutter blade,Variable from 0-14T/S

random strobe and pulse strobe are optional,when the shutters were closed at 10 seconds,the power of the lamp will be reduced 50W

automatically to extend the lamp’s life

Dimmer: 0-100% linear dimme

one prisms, bi-direction rotation in high-slow speed

Beam: changeable beam angle and prism effect

Frost:0-100% multifunctional washing effect

Optical system: High precision and multi-agglutination optical lens,


Colorful LCD touch screen with 16 million pixel, the life time of the fixture and the lamp are displayable on it.

Location: with advanced scanning position memory function, the location and speed of X/Y movement can be adjusted accurately,has strong

anti-interference ability.

Color Wheel 1 :7colors + white ,with variable speed bi-directional rainbow effect full color, dichroic color and random effects are available, also with the functions of automatic error correction as well as macro-function.

Gobo wheel 2: 10 metals gobos.

fans for cooling, the cool wind blows from the head to the lamp,making sure that it is always working in the suitable temperature environment to

extend the lamp’s life. Built-in overheating protection, really good cooling condition

Housing: ABS fire-proof Composite plastic,aluminum-alloy material inside, freeze-protection power cable. With CE and GB7000.15-2000 standard